Drastic new legislation takes away the ability of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors, putting hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk and threatening the availability of rideshare and food delivery services.

Yes on Proposition 22:

  • Protects the ability of app-based drivers to choose independent work
  • Provides drivers new protections and benefits
  • Saves hundreds of thousands of CA jobs
  • Preserves the availability of food and grocery delivery and rideshare services that millions rely on
  • Implements strong new public safety protections.

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The Facts

Protects access to affordable and convenient rideshare and delivery services

Protects driver flexibility and independence

Establishes an earnings guarantee for drivers with the ability to earn even more

Requires new benefits, such as a health care contribution and compensation for on-the-job injuries

Implements additional safety protections for drivers, passengers and all Californians